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Aprime Plus Company Limited
APrime Plus Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2015, engaged in the business of distributing innovative construction materials. construction tools under the product name A Plus Materials  (APLUS+ WATSADU)

to serve customers with demand for high quality products We are a service provider you can trust. It can accommodate a wide range of orders in terms of product type and quantity, and is able to provide services quickly, without borders and open to new perceptions. occurring in the business world

Aprime Plus
  Be the first merchant in the world of online building materials business. has gathered a team of new generations such as engineers, architects, marketers who have knowledge and experience in engineering, design, contracting and real estate marketing development. to help and meet the needs of various customers with sincerity by focusing on materials and construction innovations That helps reduce the cost of materials, labor costs, shorten the construction period. energy saving and environmentally friendly

In addition,
" Aprime Plus Company Limited"
  has also engaged in the business of designing, subcontracting and developing container house products. under the product name  ALL SQUARE BOUTIQUE CONTAINER and is a business alliance with Meesuk Real Estate Co., Ltd. in distributing HAPPY HOUSE and HAPPY WAREHOUSE and building an alliance team under the brand ( HAPPY FRANCHISE) for speed and help customers reduce construction costs as much as possible 


Aprime Plus has been established for over 6 years.

with a management team and engineers with more than 10 years of experience

in the area of steel work, structural work and construction work which covers construction From small to large projects, both domestically and internationally, such as​

• Warehouse

• Construction of residential buildings.  

• Spec work in government projects.

• Solar panel structure work

• Industrial plant

and project work in AEC countries such as

• Power Plant Construction Project in Laos

• Construction project under PTT Group in Cambodia.

"Aprime Plus" selects new innovative building materials A wide variety of comprehensive both in Thailand and abroad.   always to customers by adhering to the main idea  “Friends & Partners”

We work by building good relationships and networks with manufacturers. and other material suppliers as well as providing technical advice and Khow-how from the material experts by the APlus Experts Team .
will help you procure materials professionally To meet the construction specification both public and private, which makes our customers confident. will receive a comprehensive service both in terms of quantity and variety of products at a fair price


"Aprime Plus" Nationwide delivery is available by transport companies and car sharing services. Ready to ship to you nationwide You can be confident that every product will reach its destination. In addition, we also have a delivery service at the border checkpoint by leading exporting companies. Helping to facilitate foreign customers

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our customers
Our Customer

We would like to thank our corporate clients in both government, private and foreign sectors for trusting us.

Aprime Plus Company Limited

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