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Sandwhich Panel / Iso Wall EPS

Sandwich Panel /rockwool insulated panel


sandwich panel rockwool
SANDWICH PANEL EPS FOAM  : INSULATED PANEL : prefabricated sandwich panel wall, EPS foam, cold room wall, clean room

Sandwich Panel : Rockwool ฉนวนหินภูเขาไฟ Rock Wool Insulated Panel

Sandwich Panel : Rockwool Rock Wool Insulated Panel


Rockwool Panel pre-insulated wall can withstand heat up to 600 -900 degrees, suitable for rooms that require anti-static. or a room with a high temperature Various baking chambers can be used as room partitions as well.  


Rockwool Panel is a steel sheet system with insulation made from asbestos fire resistant type, which is one of the company's pre-insulated products. This type of prefabricated sheet can be formed in both flat sheet and corrugated form by using steel sheet bonded with asbestos insulation which acts as a central core.


Fireproof Rockwool Panel is developed for applications requiring lightweight materials. To meet in the matter of heat insulation, fire protection and soundproofing of construction work for walls or ceilings, to meet the needs of architects in terms of aesthetics and fire protection performance.  


prefabricated stone insulation panels Easy to install, convenient, fast, with high heat resistance properties, it can be used in buildings or areas with fire risk. including inside general buildings that require confidence in fire protection such as electrical control rooms, etc.


Rockwool Panels are fire rated mineral wool composite panels that is a part of our diverses insulated panels range. The panel is a stress skin sandwich panel with metal facings permanently bonded to rock wool core usin heat polymerizing.  


Rockwool panel has been specially developed for use in light weight applications to satisfy the thermal, fire and acoustic requirement of roof, walls and partition etc.  


Rockwool Panel fire rated panel have b een developed specifically to meet the demands of the architect specifier who require aesthetic  high performance stell faced building panels with efficient and superior fire resistance. Unlike plastic foams such as expanded polyestyrene, polyurethane foam or cellular modified isocyannurate,  mineral wool does not burn.


Usage: APPLICATION                               

1. Areas that need fire protection Fire rate facilities            

2 commercial building, general commercial building             

3. Clean room Clean room                        

4. Food processing room                

5. Partitioning room partition                            


Special Features: Advantage

1. Prevent fire and high heat. Highest fire rating.

2. Water resistant (from carcinogenic mineral fibers) Water repellent, asbestor free

3. Heat protection Thermal Resistance

4. Quality sound-absorbing material, Sound absorbtion material

5.Durable physical properties Stalbe physical properties

6. Easy to care and installation. Easy to handling and installation.



Preliminary installation of the Slip Lock system sheet

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