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Pre-Zinc(GI GA MAZ)

 square steel box pre-galvanized

Square Pipe Pre-Zinc Galvanized Steel

เหล็กกล่องเหลี่ยมกัลวาไนซ์ GI

square steel box pre-galvanized
Square Pipe Pre-Zinc Galvanized Steel (GI)

Square Tube Galvanized GI

or galvanized square steel (Square Tube), which steel has been coated in galvanization It has a natural corrosion rate that is approximately 60 times lower than that of steel. More than 7 years of rust-proof properties

Raw material of steel :  It is made of galvanized steel coil or hot dipped steel coil. The standard zinc coating thickness is 60-100 g/m² depending on the shape of each steel according to the standard of each steel.

Recommended application features:  Basic corrosion and rust resistance Suitable for general construction Not suitable for work in the sea

เหล็กกล่องเหลี่ยมกัลวาไนซ์ GI_GA
เหล็กกล่องเหลี่ยม GI.png

***The weight stated will have positive and negative values (+-) according to each lot of steel. Please ask staff before ordering every time***

You can ask for more information at
02-894-8847 , 095-598-2658



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