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Container Home & Shop Luxury




we give you more container

ALL SQUARE BOUTIQUE CONTAINER is a finished product for houses, shops, offices, and resorts. where we bring used containers Abandoned from use by selection, good condition, ready to use.  to be modified according to the functionality of the customer by maintaining the unique strength of the structure Can be stacked 2 layers, which will reduce the budget on the structure. It also has a faster construction period than general houses. with more about design proper function  Additional decorations to make the container stand out What we provide to you is not just containers. but a design that reflects the uniqueness of you and your business to create value Highlights for your shops, restaurants, lodges, guest houses.  The design of ALL SQUARE is focused on practical use. The model can be customized according to customer requirements. We will choose materials for decorative products that meet the standards to support long-term use.

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ALL SQUARE BOUTIQUE CONTAINER is an alternative solution for home, shop, office, resort, or restaurant that we select a good condition second-handed shipping container that has been discharged and modified the function to ensure that you have your  the ideal home or ideal shop at the affordable price.  With the strong and durable structure of a shipping container, it can be stacked up to 2 or 3 stories without adding a huge cost to additional structure. The construction is fast and it is easier to relocation or adding the additional space later on. Here at ALL SQUARE CONTAINER, we giving you not just an ordinary shipping container but we give you want you have dream of ….“an ideal home, and ideal shop”. We helps you to gather idea to create a uniqueness for your home or business shop. We provide you with a premium selection of building materials to ensure that your ideal property is constructed and furnished with a good standard and can be used in a long term.

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The process of ordering production and ordering container construction


used containers What decorations can be ordered?

  • Container Restaurant Bar BAR

  • Container house

  • office container

  • office container

  • coffee shop container

  • Container Resort

  • Container Showroom

  • Customer Certification Containers


space sizing Plan of use or land size

  • The customer must know the size of the land that he wants to place the container, width x length, so that the architect design department can recommend or allocate a container plan to suit the size of the land.

  • Clearly state the location of the job site. If there is a photo of the job page Can be sent to the Architect to design to consider and recommend the foundation work and the cost of delivery.


Choose a pattern or adjust as needed.

  • Customers can choose according to the standard design or can notify to adjust the design as needed.


Summary of drawings for estimating the cost of container production orders

  • When the drawings and plans are finalized, the architects will evaluate the cost of the production order according to the agreed form.

  • In the case of additional adjustments /reduced according to budget The architect design department can adjust the design to be in the most suitable budget.


make a production order

  • Once the design and price are finalized The company will make a contract to order the product according to the desired production order.

  • Contract conditions and deposit as specified in the contract


production processStarts upon receipt of the 1st installment deposit

  • The minimum production time is 20 days, depending on the design and the number of containers ordered.


Once the production is complete, the company will inform the delivery schedule of containers to the site for shipping containers and installation. at least 5-15 days according to the pattern​

How to order your shipping container home/shop?


Innovative use of shipping containers

  • Shipping Container  Restaurant  

  • Shipping Container Home

  • Shipping Container Office

  • Shipping Container Coffee Shop

  • Shipping Container Resort

  • Shipping Container Showroom

  • Shipping Container Bar & Bistro


Specify land area and size (Wide x Length) in  meter

  • Customer specify the layout and land size (Wide x Length) which will help our architecture team to recommend the design that suitable for the usage and land area

  • Specify the location for container installation so that our architecture can give a further  recommendation on the foundation preparation and shipping cost


Select the standard model or adjust the model according  to your usage

  • Customer can choose our standard model or modify the new model according to the usage.


Finalize the model, design, and materials for cost estimation.

  • after finalize the model and design, our architecture  team will estimate the cost

  • in case of adjusting the model, the cost will be recalculate according to the given budget.


Agreement and Contract Sign

  • Once the model and details have been finalized, the agreement and contract will be issued and signed,

  • Payment and deposit will be stated in the contract.


Modification and prefabrication will be started after the 1st deposit is made.

  • Modification and prefabrication will take at least 20 days or more depend on the model and design. This will be confirm and advise by our architure team.


Once the modification nearly finished  our team will notify the delivery date in advance. On-site installation will take about 5-15 days depend on the model.
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