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ฉนวนกันร้อน rockwool

insulation Asbestos insulation


all in one Stand one story, fireproof, heat proof
fire insulation  sound insulation  insulation

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ฉนวนใยหิน Rockwool

Rockwool Asbestos Insulation What is Rockwool?

ROCKWOOL insulation is made from basalt and dolomite. It has properties as an inorganic substance. Therefore, microorganisms cannot react with the insulating material, resulting in ROCKWOOL insulation having a long service life throughout the life of the building. Due to the insulating texture, there is no rotting. It's free from CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, so it's safe to use. Because the volcanic fibers are large and rounded. Classified as non-asbestos fibers, it is non-cancer for users or those who inhale the fibers.   


In addition to safety in use The structure of the fibers arranged in a line of positive symbols. As a result, the insulation is stable, durable and good recovery. As a result, the heat value (R Value) that uses a constant thickness of insulation to calculate constant. Therefore, this value can be used throughout its lifetime. because the product will stay in shape and the thickness will not decrease 

Rockwool Rockwool Asbestos Insulation Sheet What are the models?

Each product model of Rockwook insulation sheet or Rockwook asbestos sheet

1. Safe 'n' Silent ** Popular model and sold in Thailand**

2. Rock Chill ** Popular model and sold in Thailand **

3. ThermalRock

4. Cool 'n' Comfort

5. ProRox

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