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รั้ว / ราวกันตก

WPC lath / artificial lath /  synthetic slat  for external use With features, durability, cost-effectiveness, beauty, a variety of colors can be used according to your design. Color in the wood, no need to paint or decorate the surface. Easy to clean, not wasteful, resistant to sunlight, UV rays and chemicals, waterproof, damp proof, wood does not decay, no problems with termites, moths, ants and insect infestations.


WPC slats hollow


Hollow external slats Suitable for modern wood installations. get natural mood There are various sizes and colors to choose from according to your needs. Can be used for both roof battens and wall battens Safe and non-slip when wet. Easy to clean, light weight, easy to install, color in the wood, no need to paint, no dust scattered when cutting. Sticky wood, durable, work done quickly, meet the standard, the work surface is not messy. They last for many years.